Monday Merry Meet: Wendy Sheffield

Welcome to another week! Today we’re excited to host our first ever spirit writer to the Enchanted Emporium, Wendy Sheffield, to discuss her writing, life and of course, spells.

The review for her book Spirit Writer can be found here but why not grab a cuppa and take a break to discover more.

Monday Merry Meet: Wendy Sheffield

Willow: Welcome to our small shop. We’re excited to have you visit. The Marleys and Old Percy, our resident ghosts are under strict instructions not to badger you with information while you’re here but as the first medium we’ve had visit, I can’t guarantee they’ll behave. Mrs Marley likes to talk.

Amber: Hi, I’m on tea and drink duty today as Rosa’s at a Parent’s association meeting. What can I get you? Tea including Yorkshire tea, coffee or I do an excellent hot chocolate or something stronger or cold.

Wendy: One of your hot choccies would go down nicely!!!! Thanks

Hot chocolate in a pink mug and heart shaped biscuits
Hot chocolate and biscuit time

Willow: We always ask our guests whether they’ve had paranormal experiences and how it affects their writing, but as your book is all about connecting with spirits, we know the answer but can you tell us a bit about how you began?

Amber: And what a spirit writer is? I’ve only ever heard of spirit artists who draw those who have passed.

Wendy: 12 years ago, I did not know that I was a medium and I certainly didn’t know that I had a spirit guide and a host of family ancestors in spirit who would have been only too happy to stop me messing up my life!  Because I did not know I had spirit guidance I made mistakes. I can hear you all saying, we all make mistakes, and in answer to this I would answer…we all do! 

I will not go into my life mistakes because they are not much different to most people’s mistakes!

Basically, I couldn’t understand why I was not happy, and the more I pondered on my past, the more I wanted to change my life. In effect I was asking spirit for help, without even realising the same!

One fateful night, 12 years ago, I went to bed and awoke a different person…a person more confident, a person who believed in the impossible!  A person who wanted to help the world with her gifts, which she was now aware of.

I went to bed not even knowing what spirit was, no mind what spirit writing was! Sorry I am taking a long time to answer the question!

In days of old, people used to spirit write using a pen and paper. I was a lady of the 21st century, I was not going to use pen and paper!  I woke up that night…I grabbed a pen and paper and spirit encouraged me to scribble, letting go of the pain. Even though I did not know about spirit and spirit writing before this time… grandmother told me I was spirit writing! This was the first spiritual gift that she showed me that I possessed. It took me many years thereafter, but I learnt to control my spirit writing. Spirit knew I was a trained legal secretary and could type at least as fast as someone can talk, so they encouraged me to use a keyboard to use the skill that I had. Shortly thereafter, I felt the ned to help others with my newfound skills, and for a time was giving online reading using my spirit writing and my trusted keyboard.

To cut a long story short….spirit writing…..I connect to spirit as a medium and let my fingers fly!

Amber: Your book is based on your life, how difficult did you find writing it?

Wendy: To be honest, it was a great relief, because I knew as soon as I had let go of the past, I knew I would be able to move forwards!

Amber: Spirit Writer is your debut, what has your publication journey been like? If you did it again, would you change anything?

Wendy: I have found my publication journey painful and expensive! As to whether I would change anything, as I have progressed with my books, I have learnt new skills. I have now written Book 2, Pure Spirit and almost finished Book 3, Spirit Healer, and I can now do everything myself and now only have to pay for advertising, which is very expensive in itself!

Rosa: Many of our customers love the idea of writing a book, including memoirs. Do you have any advice for novice memoir writers?

Wendy: Writing the book is the easy bit! Make sure that you are happy with your publisher and be careful with advertising costs!

A lit candle

Willow: The Enchanted Emporium sells several candles in The Wishing Spell range which promise to help your day go smoothly. Which would you choose?

Wendy: A good night’s sleep, as my mind always whirrs around 100 miles an hour, and the spirits don’t help!

Focus and concentration is also an issue for me!

Willow: One candle invokes memories of your perfect holiday or day when lit. Where would it take you?

Wendy: Back into the past to put right wrongs!

Willow: We often blend different potions beyond the love ones that are flying off the shelves this week. If we could create a spell to give you magical powers for 24 hours what would it be?

Wendy: To go into the future to see where my journey is taking me!

An illustrated row of battered books

Willow: Our Enchanted Emporium bookshelf is a small lending library full of books with either fantastical, witchy or paranormal theme, fiction or non-fiction is fine. What would you add to it?

Wendy: My 3 books, of course!

Rosa: I have a Box of Romance books to share my love of the romance genre to the world. What would you add to it?

Wendy: Nowadays, I don’t read such books, but in my younger days I used to like Catherine Cookson’s romance books – No one book in particular!

Willow: I don’t think we have any Catherine Cookson books yet. And finally, what are you working on currently? Or is it top secret?

Wendy: I am now using my ability as a spiritualist healer to help everyone that comes to me for healing. I want people to understand themselves inside and outside and out and to not be afraid to seek healing from whoever they are drawn to!

Willow: That sounds fantastic. We wish you well and thank you for visiting.

Book cover for Spirit Writer by Wendy Sheffield. Black background with an illustrated open book with magic swirls coming out of it
Spirit Writer by Wendy Sheffield

Title: Spirit Writer

Author: Wendy Sheffield

Publisher: Grosvenor House Publishing

Release date: 13th October 2022

Genre: Non-fiction, spirituality



‘Spirit Writer’ is a book written by Wendy Sheffield, a psychic medium, who channels messages from the spirit world. In her book, Sheffield explores the art of spiritual writing and shares her insights on how to connect with spirit guides, develop intuition, and communicate with loved ones who have passed on. The book also delves into the practice of mindfulness and its role in writing as a spiritual practice.

‘Spirit Writer’ is a memoir that reflects on Sheffield’s own spiritual awakening and experiences with mediumship and afterlife communication.

Overall, ‘Spirit Writer’ provides readers with a unique perspective on the power of writing and its potential for connecting with the spiritual realm.

‘A wonderful insight into how the world of spirit can communicate with us’

More about the author:

Wendy Sheffield. A white woman with dark bobbed hair and thick dark rimmed glasses

12 years ago, or thereabouts, my grandmother stood me before a very large old mirror in my old living room and said THIS IS WHO YOU ARE!! 

At the time I had doubts that I would ever reach the level to which she was telling me I was capable of. 

TODAY is that day that I know that I am capable of so much, all i needed to do was allow my love to shine through and BELIEVE. 

It is through my books I hope that I share my LOVE and BELIEF!

SPIRIT WRITER the start of my journey
PURE SPIRIT my refined connection with spirit

My final message is that this is not the end, IT IS the beginning…

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Book Review: Spirit Writer by Wendy Sheffield

Today’s review is something different to the usual fiction, Amber makes a beeline for. Spirit Writer by Wendy Sheffield drew her attention when it arrived on the bookshelf courtesy of Literally PR for this blog tour – thank you. While Amber believes in life after death, she’d never considered the idea communication could occur via writing. She needed to know more. The book was then passed to Willow allowing much discussion in the shop.

Scroll down to see their honest and unbiased opinions.

Book Review: Spirit Writer by Wendy Sheffield

Book cover for Spirit Writer; spiritwriterspeaks by Wendy Sheffield
Black cover with white typeface
An open book and quill with vibrant blue illustrated swirls and stars coming out of it to indicate magic/spirit
Spirit Writer by Wendy Sheffield

Title: Spirit Writer

Author: Wendy Sheffield

Publisher: Grosvenor House Publishing

Release date: 13th October 2022

Genre: Non-fiction, spirituality


Spirit Writer is a journey of self-discovery for the author – Wendy Sheffield – from when she first became aware that her grandmother was communicating with her, following an unusual dream that created awareness of her myriad spiritual gifts. These gifts include spirit or automatic writing, whereupon Wendy channels spirit messages to help people understand their higher self. It took a long time, however, before she realised that spirit was encouraging her to remember and understand her journey so that she could help others with theirs. On her quest for answers to her many questions, Wendy became desperate to understand her gifts, how spirit communicated with her, and what her spiritual journey was.  

Wendy considered the views of well-known people in the spiritual world including Eckhart Tolle and the Arthur Findlay College, to name a few, and recognised a definite sequence of events that appears to be happening around the world leading up to spiritual unfoldment. She also recognised that more people around the world are looking for answers, feeling dissatisfied with their religions and beliefs, desperate to overcome their fear of dying, and to discover whether the afterlife exists. To tackle this age-old question of ‘Is there an afterlife?’ the author examines various accounts of people (religious or otherwise) who have experienced near-death experiences to consider similarities between their accounts.  

In her quest to understand spirit and the spirit world, the author also discovered Leslie Flint, a well-recognised medium with a unique gift in that his spirit messages came through a voice box above his head. After studying several recorded spirit messages, the author was drawn to a detailed message from Harry Price, who is well known for his exposure of fraudulent mediums, who came through to talk on the subject of ghosts and spirits, as he believed they were not understood.  

The author hopes that Spirit Writer will help readers consider subjects that are not widely discussed so that they can come to their own conclusions. This book is as much about the author’s understanding of her own journey as it is about helping others to understand theirs. 

Thoughts from the Emporium:

Spirit Writer is a highly accessible, an enjoyable insight into Wendy’s spiritual journey to becoming a medium using writing to channel the spirit. It covers her life experiences as well as an overview of spiritualism, providing a simple foundation to build knowledge from. Written with confidence and passion, it led both Willow and Amber to want to know more.

Everyone in the Emporium believes in the spirit world, thanks to working in a haunted building, but neither witches practise mediumship in the conventional sense. Amber came into the book unaware of spirit writing or spiritualism while Willow had visited mediums and spiritualist church soon after her mum’s death. This resulted in her witnessing some fascinating readings, including a talented spirit artist so she could relate to some of Wendy’s experiences. Both found something in the book and the love and non-judgemental aspects of the church was explained well. Though spiritualism is a religion, its belief system can slot alongside other mainstream ones including the individual paths Willow and Amber follow.

Beyond Wendy’s journey, Spirit Writer gives a background and advice on spiritual matters, including a transcript from Harry Price, famed for his investigations into fraudulent hauntings. From the spirit world, he shared his views on ghosts and manifestations. This was a fascinating nice touch. Both witches proceeded to analyse the Emporium’s ghosts, Percy, Marleys and the unknown on the stairs, to see where they fitted in.

Author biography

White woman, dark short bob hair with thick dark small glasses. Wearing red and black checked top
Wendy Sheffield

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