Book Review: Liar by Nicola Lowe

The striking cover of Liar by Nicola Lowe attracted the attention of many visitors to the Enchanted Emporium so the staff needed to determine whether it reflected the writing inside. Thank you Rachel’s Random Resources for providing a copy to review so they could give an unbiased opinion.

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Book Review: Liar by Nicola Lowe

Book cover for Liar by Nicola Lowe. Typeface is in gleaming silver. Black background with a pair of white angel wings and three gold feathers drifting from it
Liar by Nicola Lowe

Title: Liar

Author: Nicola Lowe

Genre: fantasy, paranormal romance

Release Date: 7th June 2022

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Winner of a 5 Star Readers Favorite Seal and a 4 Star Literary Titans Book Award

Amber Carmichael splits her time between her nursing career and community spirited acts of kindness. This life fulfils her; she has no interest in nightclubs or the men her friends tirelessly chase. The spark of attraction has never lit within her and of this, Amber is glad.

Until one day her dreams begin to shift; something deep in her subconscious begs to awaken.

This stirring within her attracts the attention of an enemy. An enemy she doesn’t know exists; a threat she can’t possibly hide from.

Because how do you hide from the one soul in the world who truly sees you?

A heart has to fall before it can soar.

The latest release from Nicola Lowe – forbidden love and enemies to lovers collide to form a perfect storm of paranormal romance that will leave you begging for the sequel.

Thoughts from the Emporium

This is a clever and imaginative read that soared once the foundation surrounding Amber’s life had been set. With the romantic dreams and blossoming relationships, Rosa was hooked from the start, and the others weren’t far behind when more unusual occurrences came into play and danger crept closer.

Entwined in the discovery of self and the building tension as the threat to Amber increased is the sizzling chemistry between the main characters, when Amber’s desire is awakened for unexpected reasons. The more she discovered about herself, the more her character depth grew, making her more relatable and the staff became invested in her safety, adding to the thrill as a battle across different realms commenced.

With twists and a satisfying ending, everyone agreed this is a paranormal romance series to follow, as they need to know what happens next.

Author Biography

Nicola Lowe is a pure romantic and has been that way for all of her forty years. She is happiest when curled up with a glass of white wine and a very romantic book. Liar is her first paranormal romance, following the success of her Contemporary Romance books.

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