Book Review: Trouble with Fairies by Emma Bradley

Today we’re excited to review the first of the Arcanium series, The Trouble with Fairies by Emma Bradley. Amber found this and the next two books on the Enchanted Emporium bookshelf and with beautiful book covers she was eager to read.

Scroll down to see her thoughts.

Book Review: Trouble with Fairies by Emma Bradley

Book cover of The Trouble with Fairies by Emma Bradley. The title is in silver. Dark cover with two glowing butterflies, an orb and a chameleon
The Trouble with Fairies by Emma Bradley

Title: The trouble with Fairies

Author: Emma Bradley

Publisher: Indie

Genre: YA fantasy

Release Date: 7th Dec 2021

Purchase: Amazon


As the only fairy in her family, Demi has always dreamed of escaping to Arcanium – the most prestigious of fairy organisations – but when she arrives, she uncovers a plan to overthrow the Queen of Faerie and must embrace her human side to defeat those who want dominion over her new home.

Watch. Listen. Learn.

Demi has grown up reciting the Arcanium motto to herself and spends her days dreaming of a new life within their walls. Tormented by her human sisters for being born part-fairy, she wants to leave home and find somewhere she can truly belong.

But when she is finally invited to join Arcanium and take on assignments in the Faerie realms, she soon uncovers a plot to overthrow the Faerie Queen and return the world to the dark days of old.

Breaking the rules could mean the loss of her new life, but doing nothing will ensure the destruction of the Faerie that she now sees as her true home.

After all her daydreaming about the perfect place to belong, Demi’s about to find out that being a fairy involves much more than just waving a magic wand.

Welcome to Arcanium, elite training for the future of Faerie

(Disclaimer: All initiates join at their own risk. Loss of limbs unlikely. No refunds.)

Thoughts from the Emporium

With a stunning book cover, this is a quirky, and imaginative debut

The fabulous world building is showcased by the Arcanium, hidden behind a downtrodden arcade façade, and the faerie realms. With a library, and lifts that take you to strange places Amber was immersed into the adventure where danger and secrets lurk down meandering corridors. Willow’s Grandma Jax always said ‘Never trust the fae,’ and it is clear with the unexpected twists these words are true.

Demi may be the only fairy in her family, but she has no powers so needs to rely on her wit, experience of dealing with her sisters and serendipity to face the challenges thrown her way. Friendships are key to this coming of age tale and with a strong cast of characters, including her side kick, Leo it promises to be a gripping series.

Author Biography

Photo of author Emma Bradley
White woman smiling with long hair scraped back into a pony tail.
Emma Bradley

Emma lives on the UK south coast with her husband, her plant collection and a very lazy black Labrador who occasionally condescends to take her out for a walk. Aside from creative writing studies, an addiction to cereal and spending far too much time procrastinating on social media, Emma is still waiting for the arrival of her unicorn. Or a tank, she’s not fussy.

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