Introducing The Enchanted Emporium and the Witches of Whitby

Welcome to The Enchanted Emporium’s bookshelf where the witches of Whitby and residents of the store are delighted to share their passion for books they love. Many of these are gathered on the magical bookcase. These can be old favourites and new.

If you love books with a supernatural twist in all it’s forms or have a keen interest in witchy literature, you’re in the right place. So grab a cuppa and discover some new books for your to be read pile.

If magic is not your thing but you adore happy ever afters, Rosa will be sharing her favourites too.

Each person working in the emporium have their particular interests, let’s introduce them.

The Enchanted Emporium

Sketch like image of a back street in Whitby image credited to Mary Grobchenko
Rambling street of Whitby image credited Mary Grobchenko

In the atmospheric coastal town of Whitby, North Yorkshire – famed for its inspiration for Dracula, and the bustling Goth Weekends – is The Enchanted Emporium, a small specialist tea suppliers which also specialises in lotions, potions and witchcraft. It sits hidden down a snicket away from the crowds, on the site of an old apothecary dating back centuries, many people pass it by but once visited it’s never forgotten. Let’s meet the team who work there.

Painting of an old fashioned shop called The Enchanted Emporium. Blue frontage with witches broom and selection of tea and herbs in the window by Jess Titcombe
The Enchanted Emporium by Jess Titcombe

Meet the team and book reviewers:

Willow Anderson – proprietor of The Enchanted Emporium, she practises the art of witchcraft through the teas she blends and handmade cosmetics – The Wishing Spell range. Her favourite books are ancient grimoires full of herbal remedies, witchy romances, spooky tales that make her tingle with trepidation or original ideas that make her think. She is also a keen reader of psychological thrillers with a paranormal twist.

Amber – apprentice and daughter of Willow’s best friend, Louise only recently discovered her witch heritage and powers. Attracted to the darker side, she loves horror, gothic tales, YA witch stories so she feels less of a freak and the grimoires Willow has locked away. She can feel their power and is convinced they are meant for her.

The Enchanted Emporium bookshelf was her idea to share the knowledge she is gaining under Willows care with other witches but it has evolved into something more.

Rosa – the only non-magic member of staff though she is adamant she saw a ghost once. She enjoys some supernatural novels but her heart is with romance novels of all kinds. As a single mum, she’s not given up on a happy ever after so while she waits for Mr Right, she escapes into books full of romance, magical or not. Many books she adores are rejected by the bookshelf for lacking magic so has created her own share and swop box – Rosa’s Box of Romance.

Photo of Whitby Abbey, St Mary's church and beach credited to Zeyu Jiang
Whitby – image credited to Zeyu Jiang

They all have a passion for books and wish to share their favourites with you. Which book from the bookshelf will they review first?

An open book with the illustration leading to a magical place in woods and a girl on a swing from a pink blossom tree
image credited to Darkmoon_Art


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